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Improve your rehabilitation and optimize your physiotherapy sessions.

  • Regain muscle volume
  • Fight muscular, joint and neuralgic pain…
  • Preventing neuromotor disorders
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We would be delighted to invite you to one of our in-house training courses.

Our training course, which includes a theoretical section and a large number of practical workshops, will give you all the elements you need to know about how electrostimulation works, including how the different types of muscle fibers work, their tetanization, chronaxis, Lapique’s law, etc.

How Compex programs are constructed, with their contraction and rest times. How to place the electrodes, which position to adopt for each situation and also how to manage intensities.

And, of course, all the consolidated protocols of the last 40 years, thanks to the invaluable help of our medical network and, in particular, the Physios du Sport, for maximum efficiency.

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